The cooperation is divided into individual stages:



The first meeting is the most important. It defines the client's needs, tastes and budget .Interview with the client about expectations regarding the investment, the location of the rooms, the style, the materials the client prefers to start the entire design stage. Only this approach guarantees the creation of an interior design tailored to the customer, his needs and his pockets.



The basis for the implementation of the project is an survey with photographic documentation. In the case when the investment is not available or is being built, he works on the projects given by the investor, on which all dimensions are placed.


Furniture layout

During this stage, he develops the most optimal arrangement furniture layout. We provide few ideas and with the client, I discuss all solutions and choose together one best version. This is the basis for creation 3d computer visualization.


3D visualizations

Show the final effect of the arrangement where are place specific furniture models, materials, specific types of lighting and a specific color scheme.


Finall project

After accepted visualizations, I usually arrange with customers meeting in stores to show materials used in the concept. After accepting materials are created final project where is description for each industry (electrician, builder, carpenter).



This stage consists in making quote for client. We preparing the list with all materials used in the project. Quote from building company and carpentry company are prepared separately by our proven professionals.



It consists in checking the execution process at the construction site, are all works consistent with the project. All questions and doubts are solved on a regular basis during visits at the construction site, and by phone.



The final of the project is an invaluable moment and a meeting with satisfied clients in the interior. During this stage I choose accessories and I do photoshoot.



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Interior design Gdynia, Gdańsk - you will be happy in your home.

It was already understood in ancient China how important it is to properly develop the interiors of the houses. Designing, interior design according to the Chinese fengshui principles is a way of arranging rooms in accordance with the specific laws of the elements. It aims to achieve harmony with the environment and nature. This, in turn, is to ensure the happiness and prosperity of its inhabitants in pursuit of goals.

Today, the wisdom of ancient beliefs are used, which, especially in recent years, enjoy popularity in Europe. However, many people are skeptical about these issues, valuing personal preferences, modernity and usefulness.

We understand the needs of our clients and adapt to them. Depending on these needs, our interior architects will take care of all aspects necessary to ensure satisfaction with the services provided – advice, design, interior design Gdańsk. Our specialized staff with rich experience will do everything to ensure that each interior has its own unique character, and your home has become your pride, mainstay and ensure a sense of security and comfort.

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