House in Gdańsk

Surface: 180m2

Investors turned out to be great people open to bold solutions. Thanks to the successful cooperation and openness of customers, a graphite wall appeared in the living room, broken with wood accents on the furniture (coffee table + dining table). Additional black accessories, in the form of lamps and chairs, give the interior a claw. An unusual solution appeared in the kitchen on the fronts of hanging cabinets - namely a mirror surface, illuminated from the top by a suspended ceiling. It gives the effect of lightness and visually enlarges the interior. In addition, art complements the interior, modern colorful paintings hanging on the walls or a sculpture under the stairs in the living room increase the interior reception.



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Interior design Gdynia, Gdańsk - you will be happy in your home.

It was already understood in ancient China how important it is to properly develop the interiors of the houses. Designing, interior design according to the Chinese fengshui principles is a way of arranging rooms in accordance with the specific laws of the elements. It aims to achieve harmony with the environment and nature. This, in turn, is to ensure the happiness and prosperity of its inhabitants in pursuit of goals.

Today, the wisdom of ancient beliefs are used, which, especially in recent years, enjoy popularity in Europe. However, many people are skeptical about these issues, valuing personal preferences, modernity and usefulness.

We understand the needs of our clients and adapt to them. Depending on these needs, our interior architects will take care of all aspects necessary to ensure satisfaction with the services provided – advice, design, interior design Gdańsk. Our specialized staff with rich experience will do everything to ensure that each interior has its own unique character, and your home has become your pride, mainstay and ensure a sense of security and comfort.

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