House in Gdańsk

Surface: 180m2

Investors turned out to be great people open to bold solutions. Thanks to the successful cooperation and openness of customers, a graphite wall appeared in the living room, broken with wood accents on the furniture (coffee table + dining table). Additional black accessories, in the form of lamps and chairs, give the interior a claw. An unusual solution appeared in the kitchen on the fronts of hanging cabinets - namely a mirror surface, illuminated from the top by a suspended ceiling. It gives the effect of lightness and visually enlarges the interior. In addition, art complements the interior, modern colorful paintings hanging on the walls or a sculpture under the stairs in the living room increase the interior reception.



Ul. Jana Heweliusza 13
80-890 Gdańsk

+48 532 748 846

Opening hours Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 16.00
(meetings are arranged by phone)

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