Surface: 140m2

The flat is located in a newly built investment in the center of Art Deco Gdynia. The layout of the partition walls has been transformed and the functions of the rooms have been changed, thanks to which the flat has become much more spacious. In the central part of the apartment there is a kitchen with an unusual, modern form. The main goal the investor wanted to achieve was a bright, spacious apartment, which led to the use of polyurethane screeds on the floors. This solution together with the use of underfloor heating works perfectly, the family loved to walk barefoot. The whole is enlivened by turquoise accessories, and photos with views of the sea. The project was carried out with the author's supervision in 2015.

Photos by Magdalena Łojewska.



Ul. Jana Heweliusza 13
80-890 Gdańsk

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