Luxury Apartment in the Heart of Warsaw: Elegant Design and Modern Comforts

Surface: 85m2

The intricate molding adorning the walls gives the residents a sense of luxury and exclusivity, emphasizing the interior's elegance. The kitchen, in subdued tones, captivates with its earthy-beige cabinet fronts and composite stone countertops, creating an elegant and functional space for cooking and spending time. A large beige sofa in the living room, complemented by molding and illuminated paintings, ensures a comfortable and stylish retreat, creating the perfect relaxation zone. Floor-mounted black sconces illuminating elegant graphics create a pleasant atmosphere and add character to the interior, inviting you to spend time in this spacious living room. The television placed on the wall with slats and LED strip adds modernity to the living room, creating an ideal place to watch favorite shows and movies. The bar with floor-to-ceiling glass doors with smoked glass adds elegance and functionality, serving as an excellent space for gatherings with friends and family. A crystal chandelier above the table adds luxury and class, emphasizing the unique character of the interior and creating an elegant atmosphere during shared meals. The molding on the corridor walls, along with floor lighting, visually enlarges the space, introducing pleasant lighting into the apartment and adding elegance.

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The bedroom, maintained in a refined style, captivates with its elegant beige upholstered headboard and golden sconces on either side of the bed, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere. The bedside tables with upholstered headboards and slats on either side of the bed add sophistication and harmony to the bedroom, creating the perfect retreat for relaxation and rest after a day full of experiences. The bathrooms, kept in warm brown and beige tones, delight with their elegance and functionality, creating an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day. Honey-colored curtains add coziness and elegance to the bathroom, creating a harmonious atmosphere and ensuring privacy. Sconces with golden elements illuminate every corner of the bathroom, adding brightness and charm, highlighting the unique character of the interior and creating a luxurious ambiance. The apartment project in Warsaw exudes harmony, elegance, and refined style, being the ideal place for those seeking luxury and comfort in the heart of the city. Its unique design and carefully selected details make it a remarkable property, ensuring comfortable and prestigious living in the capital of Poland.



Ul. Jana Heweliusza 13
80-890 Gdańsk

+48 532 748 846

Opening hours Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 16.00
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