Surface: 73m2

Projektowanie wnętrz Gdańsk

The interior design of the apartment was created for a 2 + 2 family in the Yacht Park estate in Gdynia. The apartment is in a beautiful location overlooking the sea and the yacht pool. The floo plan of the apartment was completely changed at the interior design stage. The living room was connected with kitchennet, thanks to which an open space was obtained, in which there was a seating corner and a dining table located next to the panoramic windows. The main decoration of the living room is a marble plate on the wall with a TV set, which adds elegance and style to the living space. We managed to arrange additional compartments above the toilet bowl, thanks to which, despite the fact that this room is quite small, it has become very functional. In the bedroom, the main decoration is a light beige quilted headboard, which goes to the ceiling with mirrors on both sides of the bed, and is a beautiful decorative element. The colors in this room are slightly warmer than the rest of the apartment and are based on shades of beige. In addition, the bedroom has a soft carpet, which gives a feeling of comfort in this room.



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